January 30, 2010

Health Care

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In a survey by the US News and World Report, “About 47 percent of the people surveyed said it was difficult or impossible to find a plan with the coverage they needed…” So something obviously needs to be done to drop the price of health care while also attempting to cover as many people as possible. This is essentially the problem that Obama’s health plan is trying to fix. This bill is now under revision in congress, being constantly debated on by republicans and democrats trying to get a plan they can all agree on. But, I believe health care needs to be fixed soon, as many people cannot afford health care costs on basic procedures and medications. A universal health care system would be difficult to implement but something should at least be tried to attempt to fix the current conditions. But, as of now things are grim for the health care bill as the election of senator Brown has slowed progression. There is hope though, as Obama sent a message of continuing debate in his State of the Union Address so the bill may be passed sometime in the future. But, this may be another failed attempt to reform the health care system.


Mmm, Pie.

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Mmm, that was delicious.

Mmm, that was delicious.

As you can see, my blog will be similar (but not identical) to My Milk Toof, that crazily imaginative comic/blog featuring two cute teeth sculpted from polymer clay.  Not a very original idea, I know, but I have about 50 packs of polymer clay that I haven’t touched since I moved here in August, and this would be a very good way to put those to use and have some fun.  I think My Milk Toof is adorable, and I enjoy sculpting miniature things out of clay, so I thought I’d try my own picture story, featuring various tiny animated foodstuffs instead of tiny animated teeth.  With that in mind, I won’t be developing my characters too deeply, since each post will probably feature a different food(s).  I’ll figure it out as I go.

I apologize for the lack of creative photography for my first entry; I did this on rather short notice because I wasn’t able to get sculpting tools until Thursday.  Even so, my digital camera won’t be able to match up with the professional-looking photos on My Milk Toof, but hopefully people will still enjoy the story.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in one of my clay creations featured in my blog posts, I’d be more than happy to sell it, on its own or turned into a cell phone charm.  I will post some pictures of a few other things I made today.


Chunky slices of cherry pie that I turned into cell phone charms. They're kind of sloppily done due to time constraints.



Along with the pies, I also made three doughnuts and a hamburger.

Are You Fair?

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     How many of you like a cup of coffee? In these days, it is true that there are a plenty of people are even addicted coffee. Whenever going to coffeehouse such as Starbucks or grocery markets, you could meet many types of coffee. However, have you ever thought about how that products being traded?

     In other words, did you hear about Fair Trade?

     That is a concept to describe the alternative trade way that is a certain type of social movement in around the world. There are lot of products, for example, coffee, cocoa, sugar and chocolate which are traded in that way. Among them, we are going to focus on coffee because that is a common type of item we consume daily.

     The Fair Trade movement has started on the assumption that producers are treated in unfair way in terms of the low price of its products. More importantly, that is a market-based approach that has a purpose to help producers in developing countries have been known in Coffee Belt. Also, the movement promotes the sustainable trade by claiming that higher price should be given to producers and forces coffee makers to keep environmental standards.

     I can make the story series about Fair Trade since I have served as a campaigner of Non Governmental Organization which is for the movemet, named Beautiful Store in Korea one year ago. At that time, I organized and completed a number of campaigns about Fair Trade. I would like to share the experiences with you

January 29, 2010

Dodge and Burn: Improper Tools

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For several versions of Photoshop, there have been a set of three tools with similar effects; The Dodge, Burn, and Sponge tools. The Sponge tool can saturate or desaturate the colors of an image. The Dodge and Burn brighten and darken an image, respectively.

Used on a photograph, the latter two can add contrast to bring out focal points and important object. They are sometimes used by digital artists in order to shade and render drawings. However, it should be noted that Dodge and Burn have distinct disadvantages when used in this manner.


Breakthrough Compound

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the deadly disease that plagues an estimated 5% (between 33 and 35 million people) of our worlds population. I hope to bring awareness to this epidemic by discussing the news surrounding the field.

The latest news, as far as treatment is concerned, is a compound first discovered and studied at the University of Missouri Medical School in June of last year that has resurfaced in the headlines over the past few days. EFdA is a compound that attacks the protein within the virus that is used in replication of the virus. An AIDSmeds article says that the researcher states that it could be up 60,000 times more powerful than any treatment known today. It should be able to work over a period of two days, which is a significant contrast to the current drugs only lasting a few hours.

The other news this week is centered around Haitian relief to HIV/AIDS clinics, which had been devastated. Aside from Sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti has one of the highest HIV rates of infection in the world. There have been groups to donate specifically to the cause, which is necessary since HIV is constantly attacking and spreading, and cannot receive the back-burner at anytime without serious consequences. Hopefully, there will be minimal backsliding in this fight, so that more people can be treated and cared for that have this plague.

House of the Generation

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Most people dreams about living in a small, cozy home with their future. One does not imagine crazy things in their homes like an enormous aquarium. Looking at Bill Gates’ house, he has an aquarium that is a side of his wall. Let’s think about this for a moment. Who would be crazy enough to spend the money to build an aquarium IN there house, and maintain it? The size of this aquarium is just amazing decoration because who would think to have one whole side of their wall that is about 15-20 times of his furniture! Thinking outside the box to decorate the house is very costly, but at the same time, people respect the crazy idea and envy it, I know I do.


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The new apple iPad that was announced yesterday, January 27th has been receiving a lot of hype and fanboy buildup for the past few months now, but does it meet expectations?

Perhaps when the iPad comes out in 60/90 days, (depending on if you’re getting it 3G enabled or not), we will see. But right now, it is nowhere near meeting my expectations. It starts at a hefty $499 , and up to $829 for the 64GB/3G version.

In my opinion, there a few things that the iPad is missing.
It has no built in camera.
In this day and age, almost everything has a camera. Every phone has a camera, every computer has a camera, and even iPod nanos have cameras now. Web conferencing is a big deal these days, and without a camera, that is not even possible.

It does not support Adobe Flash
The original argument  for not having flash on the iPod Touch/iPhone was that the processor was not quick enough to handle the rendering needed to support flash adequately. The iPad houses a 1GhZ a4 chip that is more than enough for a mobile device. Users will not get the full experience of the internet. Flash is such a common medium of media these days that it is tough to get a good internet experience without it.

It has no USB ports
Really Steve Jobs? a netbook-like device with no usb ports?. I just feel like not having any USB ports severely hinder the iPad’s usability, because there are so many things that a usb port can provide. A mouse? a keyboard? a printer? perhaps a webcam since the iPad doesnt come with one. Imagine a computer without usb ports. Its hard isn’t it?

To Sum it up…
The iPad just seems like a really big version of an iPod Touch/ iPhone. The software is pretty much identical, and it can run all the apps from the appstore. There could have been so many ways to improve this device. There is still no multitasking, largely putting the 1ghz processor to waste.
This device just seems like a toy for very rich people.

Travis the Blogger

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This is the link for my blog: ptslaughter.wordpress.com

Is this acceptable format for posting?

Forward to Mariana’s posts

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Hey I would like to give ya’ll the link to my posts so ya’ll can read them.

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