January 29, 2010

Breakthrough Compound

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the deadly disease that plagues an estimated 5% (between 33 and 35 million people) of our worlds population. I hope to bring awareness to this epidemic by discussing the news surrounding the field.

The latest news, as far as treatment is concerned, is a compound first discovered and studied at the University of Missouri Medical School in June of last year that has resurfaced in the headlines over the past few days. EFdA is a compound that attacks the protein within the virus that is used in replication of the virus. An AIDSmeds article says that the researcher states that it could be up 60,000 times more powerful than any treatment known today. It should be able to work over a period of two days, which is a significant contrast to the current drugs only lasting a few hours.

The other news this week is centered around Haitian relief to HIV/AIDS clinics, which had been devastated. Aside from Sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti has one of the highest HIV rates of infection in the world. There have been groups to donate specifically to the cause, which is necessary since HIV is constantly attacking and spreading, and cannot receive the back-burner at anytime without serious consequences. Hopefully, there will be minimal backsliding in this fight, so that more people can be treated and cared for that have this plague.


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