February 4, 2010

deja vu?

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After all of the hype of the iPad has died down, I decided to look to the past for other apple products. Similar to the iPad, when the iPod was first announced it had mixed feelings, but a general condescending tone to it. Its pretty standard for media and critics to quickly jump on a product and say that it is useless or horrible when it’s the first one of its type with no competitor.

Looking back to 2001, i dug up some criticisms of the 2001 ipod, and i found them to be shockingly similar to the iPad.

When the iPod was first announced many people thought it was revolutionary, but rather expensive, and did not have any competitition thus far, because it was the first product of its kind. over 100 million ipods later, it dominates about 63% of the mobile music industry, the most successful branch of apple. iPad could seemingly undergo the same transformation.

“The iPad is very much like the original iPod.

It didn’t do a whole lot at first, but after only a few years it grew and grew into an amazing product.

That’s how Apple works. Start simple and build and build at a steady pace. This is how you don’t end up with a bunch of features no one needs or wants which only complicate the device.”

The first iPad will probably be mediocre, but the next generations will supersede any product that could compete with it. Look at the ipod now. It doesn’t seem like it can be any more innovative, but apple continues to deliver,

The iPod is so common that the usb to 30-pin connector charging cable can be found in nearly any household.


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  1. Interesting. I remember I was unnerved when I saw 7-year-olds with iPods, since it started with teenagers, and I was surprised when I found out Toys R Us was selling iPods, too. Even the iPhone is almost becoming as ubiquitous. Maybe that will indeed be the same fate of the iPad…

    Comment by superallyk — February 6, 2010 @ 11:06 am | Reply

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