February 5, 2010

From Asteriods, to Zelda Week 2

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Hey readers welcome back to FATZ. This week I’d like to discuss level design. Level design is simply how the level put together and how you play through it. This is one of the most important aspects of video game design to consider. Mainly there are three key things you want to consider, pacing, environment, and linear gameplay.

Pacing is important because obviously you don’t want to spend an entire day in one place. So developers have to balance putting enough content in there to satisfy the player but not bog them down with too much.

Environment helps create an atmosphere that draws you. If the developers successfully do this they can give the players an exponentially better experience.

Last but not least is linear gameplay, which is simply do I only have one path to follow or multiple. Having too many paths can leave the player with a sense that they won’t get to see everything and too few paths leaves them with a sense of boredom.

It’s all about balance folks and realizing that not everyone will love everything.

This week I’m playing:

Demon’s Souls(PS3), White Knight Chronicles (PS3), and Beatles: Rock Band (XBOX 360)

Till next week, happy gaming readers.



  1. I concur. But I wanna know, what sort of level designs do you think are successful ones?

    Certainly everyone has different things that appeal to them, but what do you find sucessful?

    Comment by emineepich — February 5, 2010 @ 6:25 pm | Reply

    • I personally like vast open areas with nooks and crannies to explore. As I look at what the industry is producing I notice they are moving towards more open areas, but we’ll have to see.

      Comment by jkaplan7 — February 5, 2010 @ 7:38 pm | Reply

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