February 5, 2010

HIV in Uganda

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If anyone is searching to learn about global HIV legislation in the past month, chances are, he or she ran into the Ugandan bill that is the country’s latest fight against HIV. This bill, which is sometimes referred to as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, has been raised in Ugandan Parliament to further the fight against HIV. As you can probably guess this is bill has risen to the global stage and is receiving comments from a lot of different world leaders, including a “UN expert.”

Uganda is an interesting case, in regards to HIV. After the end of its Civil War in the 80’s, it began to combat HIV with the ABC approach (Abstinence, Be faithful, Use condoms). The astronomical 15% peek of HIV victims dropped down to around 5% today. Many worry that this bill can undo that success. The thought is that if homosexuality is illegal, it will be covered up, and thus less safe, resulting in more cases.

It is interesting to me that some people believe this is the next step, considering the virus has infected 7.5% of Ugandan women and only 5% of Ugandan men. It seems that I would spend my time on legislation that would start with the most infected, but then again there are programs for women that are beginning to pick up more speed.

Personally, I am not convinced the Anti-homosexuality bill will hurt the fight towards HIV, but I cannot imagine it helping the fight that much either. Based on my reading, it is evident that this persistence of this epidemic is a result of a lack of education among those living in poverty. There is a stigma associated with the disease that these people fear. Women will not get their children tested because they do not want the society looking down on themselves or their children. This lack education needs to be the central focus of combat, if we want to see the decline of HIV positive tests in world.



  1. I agree, there’s a serious need for education regarding HIV, especially in third world countries. If the human race is going to fight this devastating disease then we need to inform as many as possible about the dangers and precaution that need to be taken. I don’t think this anti-homosexuality bill is going to do it nor is it even a rational option. This seems to be going in the wrong direction all together. The people need to be aware of safe sex rather than prosecuting people based on sexuality.

    Comment by jkaplan7 — February 5, 2010 @ 6:15 pm | Reply

  2. I totally agree. Even though there are some number of research that support the bill, that would not be the fundamental solution. The people live in those kind of nations do not aware the danger of unsafe sexual act. We need to approach on another way, not based on sexual orientated, but educational method. I am hoping the world has no more HIV Virus..

    Comment by abeljin — February 9, 2010 @ 3:21 am | Reply

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