February 5, 2010

Preparing for Valentine’s Gift

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        Valentine’s Day is nearing. At this time of every year, you may prepare a present to give to someone special. This may include greeting card with wishes or beautiful roses to express love. Among various other gifts, chocolates are a modern day favorite.

        Yet, how many people actually know about the chocolate we consume daily?

        As mass-produced commodities make more money easier, the world chocolate market is dominated by a few big companies. They mainly establish production base in Africa countries, not only because those are cacao-producing area, but because labors is cheap. Workers are usually consisted of children who are officially banned from working by the International Labor Organization. They live on a salary lower than the minimum wage, and some are even enslaved. People may argue that in the absence of the companies, the situation faced on poor workers would be worse. However, this does not make any decency their lives in the long term.

        The concept of is Fair Trade Chocolate is slave-free, child labor-free, and pay workers fairly.

        I, Personally, have participated in a Fair Trade Chocolate campaign in 2009, in Korea, and addressed the slogan, “More Hopeful Producer, Happier Consumer.”

        Valentine’s Day, express your love to special person with Fair Trade Chocolate gift.

If you are interested in purchasing Fair Trade Chocolate, you can follow below links.





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