February 12, 2010

From Asteriods, to Zelda Part 3

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Welcome to another edition of FATZ, this week we’ll be talking about genres in video games. These determine the type of content the player will face inside the actual game. Mainly I’ll talk about four main types of games that on the market today, Role Playing Games(RPG’s), First Person Shooter(FPS’s), Action-Adventure games, and Family games. Of course there are mixes of these genres as well separate sub-sections however for the sake of time, I’m just going to cover these.

Role Playing Games are generally story driven games. They generally have you in control of a character and you shape them. From things like equipment, stats, and how they progress through the game. There are two types of RPG’s, Western and Japanese. Western RPG focus on character building while Japanese RPG’s focus on the story.

First Person Shooters are games where you generally run around shooting enemies from the perspective of the characters. This means it’s as like looking through the eyes of character. Major games are Halo and Call of Duty.

Action- Adventure games are where you embark on a quest similar to rpg’s but with the heavy focus on development of your character. While they sometime do have  character advancement it’s a minor aspect of the game. Major games include God of War.

Finally Family games are ones that can be played by most people. They are easy to pick up and understand as well lighthearted. These games include Mario games.

There’s something out there for everyone and I hope this helped you find out what you want to play. Till next week, happy gaming readers.

This week I’m playing: White Knight Chronicles(PS3)


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