February 14, 2010

Increased Birthrates after HIV Treatment

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I read an article today discussing a new study taking place in Sub-Saharan Africa (the most HIV-infected area in the world) showing that after antiretroviral treatment (treatment for the virus), there is an increase in birthrate. It is an interesting article, which outlines some of the success of the treatment and fight against this epidemic.

The obvious issue that presents itself with the increased birthrate is the fact that these people cannot support the families that they have currently, let alone the added expense of one more child. There is also the imminent danger of passing the disease from mother to child. The article goes on to tell that while the immediate cause cannot be determined, it is not simply the medications, but other outside factors. An increase in education and more reliable contraception will hopefully be the result of this study.

I am still hopeful of a panacea for this disease in the future, but until then we can only work with what we have in medications and education.


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