February 26, 2010

From Asteriods, to Zelda Pt.5, The Top 5 Series!

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Welcome back FATZ readers. Normally I would discuss some aspect of the choices that go into making video games, however this week I want to change this up a bit. This week it’s going to be a little more personal and talk about some of series I really enjoy and why. So I proudly present the FATZ top five favorite video game series!

#5: The Fallout Series from Interplay and Bethesda Softworks. Set in a post apocalyptic world based about society in the 1950’s  view of the world of tomorrow. It’s a FPS/RPG meaning it is a both a first person shooter and role-playing game. I personally enjoy this series because of the deep history and choices available through the story. I recommend Fallout 3(360,PS3,PC) because it’s a bit easier to acquire and get into than the first two, but all three are great.

#4: Star Ocean Series from Tri-Ace. Known as the space opera, this series is set in outer space after humans have left Earth because of nuclear war. I enjoy it because of its deep story and character development. These is definitely not the type of  games you beat in a weekend. However the journey is worth it. I recommend any game from the series as they are all still easily found.

#3: Kingdom Hearts Series from Square Enix(formerly known as Squaresoft). This series creatively combines both the world of Disney characters and movies with the worlds of Final Fantasy. At first I was very skeptical about this idea, my favorite video games being mashed with Disney. However after playing ten minutes I was hooked. There is a deeper story than there appear as well a lot of lighthearted elements. This one you need to pick up the first Kingdom Hearts(PS2) or else you’ll be lost.

#2: The Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda Softworks. This is a fantasy RPG with deep character customization and a huge open world full of secrets to explore. What make this series great is the absolute freedom you have in creating and molding your character. Another thing is that you are never tied down to anything you are free to do whatever you want whenever you want. I recommend starting out with Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion(360,PS3,PC), easier to acquire and get into.

#1: The Final Fantasy Series from Square Enix(formerly known as Squaresoft). This series has been around longer than I have and it’s still going strong. What started as one last attempt ended up becoming one of the biggest names in gaming. There is so much I could write about why I love this series but I doubt you want to read it all. There are so many great memories of these games that can’t even be described, it’s best you find your own great memories. I can’t recommend one game above the other as they are all stand alone games, find one try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Well that raps up the top five edition of FATZ, till next week happy gaming readers!!

This week I am playing: White Knight Chronicles(Ps3) and Borderlands(Xbox 360)


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