February 26, 2010


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Do you remember one episode of The Simpsons where Marge installs a robotics based interior in her house and the whole family gets terrorized by it? That episode is called “House of Whacks”, and it is part of a “Treehouse of Horror XII.” Imagine that the house is alive and it will overtake your family one day. Isn’t that creepy? Although this may all sound very crazy, people are actually willing to live in a so-called more “comfortable” home; the ones that are robotic and does everything for you. Take a look at this photo of The Simpsons episode.

Although it may be fearsome, and not well prepared yet, the houses these days are advancing more and more into automated technology as shown in the cartoon. Even in the movie Wall-E, the spaceship, where they live, is controlled by an automated computer system which eventually tries to take over. People live in comfort, but people cannot get rid of the fear that they have for technology. I wonder how fast the technology will advance to make living more comfortable for people? Personally, I like the idea of  robot based house, but not the AUTOMATED robot house. That seems just a bit creepy don’t you think?


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