February 26, 2010

persuasion complex

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Why are humans of the female persuasion so complex?!

There are certain personality traits that attract females to males that someone would not want in a relationship. Everyone knows the old saying  that girls always want a bad boy. The thing is, when the girl gets the bad boy, she wants to change him, because those people are generally ” not boyfriend material”

So, when we think about this logically, it makes no sense.
Girl falls for boy
Girl is unhappy with the boy’s personality
Girl tries to change boy

Path 1                                                                  Path2
Boy changes for Girl                               Boy refuses to change
Girl breaks up with boy                         Girl breaks up with boy

When the girl changes the boy, its not the same person that she fell for, so problems occur, leading to the end of a relationship. Why do girls do this? The girl changes the boy into a nice boy, thus making him finish last, so the saying goes, and the cycle repeats again with a new person. Conversely though, if the boy doesn’t change, the girl gets angry which leads to an inevitable breakup.

So i have come to the conclusion that any girl that tries to change you is just a humongous trap. There is no winning in romance. Pop culture and media have hopeless romantics lost in a daze about what is realistic and what is not.

also, something to think about :

What happens when pinnochio says ” My Nose Will Grow”?

His nose grows when he lies.
If he says his nose grows, and it does, that means hes telling the truth.
But when he tells the truth, his nose doesnt grow.



  1. Jason… You are making females sound more complex than they really are. I’ll admit, girls are not simple, but they all want one thing in common; someone who can make them happy! 🙂

    Comment by sunglee91 — February 26, 2010 @ 5:49 am | Reply

  2. Hahaha i love this post. OH the irony of female psychology. One thing is flawed though. When boy refuses to change for boy, she doesn’t dump him. She falls deeper in love. To be fair though, guys sometimes exhibit similar behavior.

    Comment by Novak — February 26, 2010 @ 6:11 am | Reply

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