March 29, 2010

Who is Milo?

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Milo is a computer generated boy who appears to be human and can interact with us due to recent developments in A.I.


March 26, 2010

The Pokewalker

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So my brother and I each got a copy of the new pokemon game and I absolutely love it. A couple days later, I walk into my room to find a pokewalker taped to my ceiling fan and the biggest grin on my brother’s face. The amount of genius in that room was so overwhelming, I could not help but shed a tear of pure joy.

For those of you who do not now what the pokewalker is, it’s basically a pedometer that lets you unlock certain features and levels up your pokemon in a different way. But in order to unlock all of the content, you must travel a total of 1,000 miles.

However, it turns out people have already conducted whole experiments on the most efficient ways to cheat the pokewalker.
Some opt to go with the paint shaker method:

While others use K’nex:

Exercise, ha…

Health Bill Passed

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Obama has now signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a comprehensive health care reform bill. The democrats were able to pass this bill with 216 votes in the House, which is the minimum amount of votes needed. This bill was unanimously opposed by republicans who are now vigorously working to try and repeal this bill through the courts. This bill would go into effect a couple years from now and will cost $940 billion making almost all Americans carry health insurance or face some type of penalty. As of now, there are about 23 million Americans who do not carry any type of insurance, so they would be forced to buy one, and if they cannot afford it, the government will supply them with medicare or medicaid. Since these people cannot afford health insurance, individuals who make over $250,000 annually will have a tax increase to help pay for the increased medical coverage.

p.s. it is quite a large bill

The Change of Role Model, Health Care

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Last weekends, the House of Representatives passed the health care bill which has been a major legislative action on President Obama’s top priority. I, personally, congratulate the U.S. citizen who could get the nearly universal health care system within 10 years. Although the bill is including considerable tax increases, the right to being health is essential for everyone without any condition.

In addition, I have been happy to hear the news that the bill passed because of the attempt by my home country’s administrations. As a matter of fact, Korea has had universal health care system since 1980s. However, after the current President Lee Myung-bak got elected, he and his party have been trying to change the health care system from government-owned to be privatized for maximizing its profits. They have recognized the health insurance system of the United States as a role model to apply to the country.

Now, the role model is in the middle of the huge change. I am hoping that the government of Korea will be awakened of their receding thought.

Travis the Magician

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great spring break, click here to see Travis’ latest endeavors.

Religious Summit to Support HIV victims

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This week, in the Netherlands, 40 religious leaders met to propose ideas to help fight HIV, but not in the usual way. These religious leaders represent faiths that provide more than 40% of the support for HIV victims in a lot of countries.

These religious leaders decided they wanted to bring the social stigma of HIV being a “bad persons” disease into a new light. They want to support for these victims in a new way by educating them and the public in general.

I think this is an excellent step forward since religious groups and faiths make a majority of lives affected by HIV (people in Sub-Saharan Africa). THe UN reports around 70% of the world claims some type of affiliation with a faith, so therefore they have the potential for making a lasting impact. As I have always said, the best way to fight HIV is education.

My Big Fat Greek Bailout

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As Greece’s debt problems intensify, and riots continue to rock that country, there may be a glimmer of hope.  Leaders of the other nations of the Euro Zone (nations that use the Euro as their currency) have laid the groundwork for a Greek rescue.  An agreement was reached between the between the bloc of nations and to provide a last ditch bailout to Greece with IMF (International Monetary Fund) assistance.

A Greek bailout is strongly opposed by members of other European nations notably Germany.  Recently we have seen public demonstrations against the very type of deal that was just struck by that country’s leadership.

On the other side, however, many in France argue that the Euro is the EU’s greatest success and no expense should be spared to protect its value.  Since the beginning of the year, the Euro has dropped 7% of its value relative to the US Dollar.  Clearly a Greek default would have ripples throughout Europe and the World.  So the question is which is the lesser of the two evils?

Photoshop: Pixel Pointers

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Ho-Oh will never change poses NEVER
To celebrate the recent American release of Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold, I’m going to take the time to give three tips on a topic near and dear to my heartstrings:


Spriting, based off of the word sprite, which is a pixel image for a video game, is creating and editing sprites.

I’ve dabbled in it since around four years ago, and I’ve developed a number of tips for anyone who’s thinking of trying it out.


From Asteriods, to Zelda Part 8

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Hello FATZ readers, I hope you had a great Spring Break last week. This week I would like to discuss art styles in video games and how they affect the overall tone of the game. Mainly the three most prevalent, realistic, cartoon, and cel shaded.

Realistic generally sets a more serious tone and is one you’ll find in a lot of games like Halo. However it’s not to say that all games like this are serious but it’s just the tone that is set a lot of the time. It would be hard to take something seriously with  silly visuals.

Cartoon is mainly used in kid games such as Pokemon. These games tend to be more lighthearted and so the art styles feature brighter colors and rounder lines. However one key exception is Kingdom Hearts, which feature a cartoon like style but had a somewhat serious story.

Cel shaded is like the middle ground between realistic and cartoon. It features a prominent black line around characters and objects that make things stand out. One big game that features this is Borderlands. Cel shaded can really be anything from serious to lighthearted and a lot more games are featuring this style as time goes on.

Of course there are games like Okami that come up with their own style and don’t quite fit into any category. But these are the most commonly used art styles. So till next week, happy gaming readers!

This week I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIII(Ps3)

To infinity, and beyond!

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There are Billion of stars in the sky, and millions of galaxies. Who’s to say that there isn’t extra-terrestrial life beyond the milky way?

To me, the universe seems far too large to have just us. The sun is but one of billions upon billions of stars, each possibly having their own planetary systems.

A recent technological improvement has shown that Telescopes used before were not very accurate at all, and one astronomer says ” Where you can see 10 galaxies, there may be more than 100 of them there”. Instead of using Telescopes, they used a hydrogen wavelength test, which could test the amount of light released by hydrogen atoms light years away.

90% of all galaxies can’t even be seen from earth.

Could situations such as Star Wars exist? it seems rather likely, since there are so many galaxies in the universe. Earth could be just one marble in a game that the gods play.
Its weird to think about how people could play with us just as we play with ant farms.

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