March 5, 2010

first is the best

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in the past 3 years, technology has seem to have grown by leaps and bounds, and phones are getting more and more complex. let’s look at the phones that are just being released today, they are all touchscreens with a bunch of fancy features with internet connection and the ability to check facebook, or Twitter, on the go.

the original iPhone, Which was developed and released in 2007, still reigns supreme as the unanimously voted “best” phone. the first of all the touch screen phones still maintains the best hardware and usuability factor of these. in an online comparison of the highest end touchscreen phones, iPhone excels past everyone else.

although Apple is rather cocky with their sales techniques and attitude about other computers, they seem to be holding true to the iphone part of the argument.

notice how regardless of the test, the iphone fares extremely well compared to the other phones.


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  1. I have used the iphone and the motorolla droid, and in my opinion the droid is infinitely more responsive. The iphone touch screen used to spaz out on me when i brought my finger near it. Without even touching the screen, random buttons were pressed at high speeds. My iphone also had an intense hatred for the letter “i”. It absolutely refused to allow me to use it.

    Comment by Novak — March 5, 2010 @ 5:36 pm | Reply

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