March 12, 2010

From Asteriods, to Zelda Pt. 7

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Welcome back FATZ readers, this is a very special week in  gaming. This week Final Fantasy XIII came out for the PS3 and Xbox 360. This is the first Final Fantasy to come out this console generation and is a monument to Square Enix. However this edition isn’t about Final Fantasy XIII in particular, but a brief history of the series and Square Enix.

22 years ago there was a failing video game company called Squaresoft. After producing several unsuccessful video games and the company almost bankrupt, Squaresoft decided before going out of business they would produce the game the had always wanted to, their “final fantasy”. However the fates would have things different, the game was a huge success and the series began. Despite the ironic name, the series took off and the company prospered. Over the next 22 years Final Fantasy quickly became a cornerstone name in not only RPG’s but in video games in general.

Final Fantasy XIII is a shining example of what made the series great in the first place. Even though alot has changed since the first, there is still the same heart and soul present that was there in that one last attempt.

Till next week, happy gaming readers!

This week I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)


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