March 26, 2010

From Asteriods, to Zelda Part 8

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Hello FATZ readers, I hope you had a great Spring Break last week. This week I would like to discuss art styles in video games and how they affect the overall tone of the game. Mainly the three most prevalent, realistic, cartoon, and cel shaded.

Realistic generally sets a more serious tone and is one you’ll find in a lot of games like Halo. However it’s not to say that all games like this are serious but it’s just the tone that is set a lot of the time. It would be hard to take something seriously with  silly visuals.

Cartoon is mainly used in kid games such as Pokemon. These games tend to be more lighthearted and so the art styles feature brighter colors and rounder lines. However one key exception is Kingdom Hearts, which feature a cartoon like style but had a somewhat serious story.

Cel shaded is like the middle ground between realistic and cartoon. It features a prominent black line around characters and objects that make things stand out. One big game that features this is Borderlands. Cel shaded can really be anything from serious to lighthearted and a lot more games are featuring this style as time goes on.

Of course there are games like Okami that come up with their own style and don’t quite fit into any category. But these are the most commonly used art styles. So till next week, happy gaming readers!

This week I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIII(Ps3)


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