April 30, 2010


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What is your favorite eeveelution?


Don’t ask me to pick a favorite, because I just can’t do it. All the members of the eevee family are just too awesome in their own way.

The cutie. Although not a great fighter, eevee is too adorable to ignore and is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

The speed demon. Jolteon uses the static electricity generated by its fur to drop thunderbolts.

The fish. Vaporeon’s tail is often mistaken for a mermaid. Vaporeon can become perfectly invisble in the water.

The hothead. Flareon can breathe flames hot enough to melt steel.

The blacksheep. The rings on Umbreon’s body glow as it leaps to attack.

The psychic. Espeon is able to predict the moves of its opponents.

The tree hugger. Leafeon is able to perform photosynthesis and can purify the air surrounding it.

The cool kid. Glaceon can freeze the atmosphere surrounding it.


Cheating 101

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So this a simple do-it-yourself instruction for a pretty clever way to create a cheat sheet. Admittedly it’s pretty ingenious, but i don’t promote cheating!

So, basically you just carefully peel the panel of coke label and scan the label into your computer. Using photoshop or any imaging software, delete the content on the label and add equations of other information needed for an upcoming exam. Then just take that label, with the proper size, and print it out using photo paper or gloss paper.

But I doubt anyone would spend the numerous amount of time building this when you could use that time to study instead. :]

complete picture instruction

Super Mario Crossover

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WOW! This has got to be the best game remake ever! I’ve been playing this game for hours and I have to admit that this game is pretty fun.
So this game is a recreation of the entire classic Super Mario Bros 3 version from the Nintendo. However it includes a twist that allows the user to play with other classic characters from the Nintendo games series. Each character plays just like they do in their original gmaes but with a few modification to make the experience better. It even includes their their very own SOUNDTRACK.

I am just simply amazing at the game play and it surely invokes that nostalgic feeling when I first received my Nintendo. Ah the good ‘ol days.

Warning this game is pretty addicting!

Super Mario Crossover

Gorilla Glasses

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So Rotterdam Zoo is giving away cardboard glasses that make it appear as if your looking off to one side. These gorilla glasses were meant to avoid incidents which gorillas attack visitors for making eye contact with them.

Wow that’s a pretty nifty device and I can see that you can use this invention for something else too. Lets say…starting at¬† a person you find to be quite attractive. However that person probably thinks your a weirdo for wearing that glasses in the first place so use it wisely.

I thought this was a nifty invention and wanted to share with you guys, enjoy!

Gorilla-Viewing Glasses Prevent Eye-Contact [impactlab]

April 29, 2010

493 and counting

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I applaude anyone who has caught all 493 pokemon, but don’t put away your pokedex just yet. Nintendo just revealed the fifth generation, called Pokemon Black and White.

First off, the graphics look fantastic. The buildings, the streets, the new angles, and especially the new battle view all take advantage of the 3D capabilities of the DS, yet the game still looks like a Pokemon game.

I’m not sure about any new features in the game, but I’m speculating that there will be a new mini game of some sort similar to contests or the pokeathlon or the underground. There might also be a new gadget like the Pokegear, but I hope it does not come with a cell phone plan.

Speaking of improvements, I would like to see more customization in the game. Something like changing your hat or color scheme, nothing too big. Or perhaps a story line where you play team rocket. What would you guys like to see in future pokemon games?

android on iphone

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Android, one of the best phone operating systems on the market has just been ported to the iphone. This is a big deal, similar to running OS X to a PC.

As I have said before, Android is completely open source, so people can do what they wish with it, while iPhone OS is limited heavily by apple.

As it is still very buggy, it should be not be used as an everday OS for the iphone just yet. I took the risk of installing android on my iphone and i was rather pleased with the results. It took all of 6 hours and a waste of my sunday to do, but now I can boot both Android and iPhone OS on my phone.

Some of the problems include

– no edge
– no android market
– no way to shut off the screen
– the iphone only has one button while android handests usually have 4

The phone runs extremely hot and the battery drains really fast.
Right now, it is just a gimmick, but one day, it will become a viable option for people who do not want the hardware of an Android phone but the great operating system.

April 28, 2010

DIY crossbow

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So if you ever find yourself bored out of your mind but with lots of extra time in your hand, try this simple yet effective home made cross bow to ease the boredom. You should already have these materials at your disposal and all it takes is a few minutes to construct this. WARNING: you can still harm your friends and family with this device! Shoot responsibly!

However I found a small flaw in this design since it requires you to shoot a stick? I have no idea what they are using as ammo and my best guess is a piece of chopstick. But instead of a piece of chopstick you can shoot with a uncooked string of spaghetti noodle!

Anyways, If this crossbow doesn’t satisfy your destructive needs, try this Altoids catapult, Altoids trabuchet , or Sharpie rocket. Again please play safely don’t want you to spend the night in jail during the summer :] Enjoy!

full link to the home made crossbow [link]


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Life is full of it.

April 27, 2010

Shifting Fingers One Key to the Right for easy password

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So you know how important it is to have a good and strong password, since it’s the medium that keeps you and only you from accessing important information and data. However having a weak password will allow potential havoc bringers to share these information and use it with ill intention.

Websites encourage users to include number, characters and long words to enable a strong password strength. Passwords like “theredcarrunsrun” is a great example but eventually hackers can still get a hold of the encryption. Passwords like “password” surprisingly is the most common password everyone uses and is the easiest to encrypt so please don’t get lazy and use one worded passwords. However passwords like “4ks2cobrazz4” is the ideal password and is nearly impossible to encrypt. But memorizing such a tedious letters and numbers is impractical, heck you’ll probably forget it after creating it unless written down.

But there is an easy way to have a strong password yet is very simple. Just shift your fingers one key to the right and type how you would normally type. This method is effortless and makes passwords looks like gibberish without memorizing complex letters and numbers.

For instance:
the word password would turn into “[sddeptf”
as easy as pie! here are some more examples.
firetruck -> gotrytivl
dragonball => ftshpmns;;

these passwords may not be perfect as secure password generator but it sure beats a lot of people’s go-to password.

GoodPhil 2010

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So this video is a bit late but during the end of Spring Break UTD’s FSA participated in an event called GoodPhil which is huge event where Filipino Student Associations from UH, UTA, UT, UTSA, A&M, and A&M Corpus Cristi come together an compete with one another. Some of the competition includes Basketball, volleyball, soccer or football, but the main competition begins with an intense performance from each school that performs a cultural, spiritual, and modern dance.

Although UTD has been one of the underdogs in the event, I believe that we put ourselves in the map this year with our stunning performance. Even though Spring Break consist of numerous practices and even all-nighters, our work has finally paid off since other schools were shocked that we had such an outstanding and unexpecting piece. However we felt a very devastating blow when they didn’t placed us in the top three. But one of choreographers told us that we had a chance at second or third place if we didn’t include¬† the piece at 3:47 since the judges recognized the same piece from another crew. Honestly we had no idea it was already used but it was an innocent mistake and will be sure to check twice before putting it in our performance.

All in all knowing that we could have placed instill great confidence within our group and hopefully we will concoct a mind-blowing masterpiece for GoodPhil 2011. So watch out first place winner U of H, we might take your spot next year. :]

ENJOY THE VIDEO and you can try to spot me but I doubt you will.
(hint I’m wearing a hat and most of the time I’m on the far right side)

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