April 8, 2010

iphone os 4.0

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so earlier today, iphone os 4.0 was announced, with a multitude of “new” features. The word new is in quotes because they are new to people using the standard apple firmware, but to people who have jailbroken, we have had these features for over 2 years now.

Similar to os 3.0, when they introduced tethering, mms, searching, cut/copy/paste, many jailbroken iphone users were scoffing at how these could be called improvements. Through third party programs, not from the “amazing” app store, we could already do all of these things.

iphone os 4.0 comes around, and it introduces multitasking, tethering(again), user backgrounds, and many other things. I’ve been using all of these features for years now. Apple always tries to show all their advancements are revolutionary, but in reality, they are just old ideas made official.

With my jailbroken iphone2g , i can tether, torrent, record video, edit video, cut/copy/paste, multitask, change themes, create a wifi hotspot, and even play super nintendo roms, all on un-updated firmware.

Apple’s restrictions on the appstore are extremely gestapo-like, and developers, if given the chance, could do revolutionary things.

OH, and i’m on tmobile. and i pay $5 for an internet plan.

forget AT&T.



  1. thats cool. ^o^ um what do you think about the i-pad?

    Comment by Mariana Sáenz — April 14, 2010 @ 5:49 pm | Reply

  2. Yeah I heard about that. The new iPhone that’s coming out, you can’t do anything to it because they basically “fixed” it which will definitely be a loss for the people and they will probably stick to their old phones.

    Comment by sunglee91 — April 16, 2010 @ 3:25 am | Reply

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