April 9, 2010

Caloric Values in Restaurats

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Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H. wrote an article over a particular part of the new health bill that intrigued me. To be specific, it was on page 455 of the enormous Bill and something I thought wouldn’t be included in the Health Care Reform. This new law states, “Establishments with 20 or more locations nationwide must post calories in a clear and conspicuous manner, along with a succinct statement concerning suggested daily caloric intake.” This means that all the fast food restaurants I go to will now have to post the amount of calories each item on the menu contains. This doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, it will be a waste of time for the many places that serve food across the nation. The bill says establishments with over 20 locations must post caloric values, and to me this pertains mostly to fast food chains, but even so, I don’t want to see calories listed next to everything I wish to purchase. If I go to a restaurant and see the amount of calories of something I purchased, such as a double cheeseburger with fries, I could care less how many calories it had because I knew what I was getting myself into when I chose to eat there. Telling me exactly how fattening the food I’m eating is seems a little extreme. At restaurants you can always ask for nutrition facts and they can provide them, but I think this is cutting down the ability of businesses to do work.


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