April 16, 2010

From Asteriod, to Zelda: Why still play?

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Hello readers and welcome to a special posting of FATZ. This week we will look at some of the reason why people never grow tired of playing video games even after they’ve entered adulthood. Video games are generally seen as a child’s play thing but in recent years there has been a steady increase in adult gamers. More than half of US adults play video games according to an msnbc survey.

One reason there is an increase in adult gamers in this generation as opposed to the last is because the people entering adulthood are the ones who grew up with video games and were around when they first became popular. Since video games have been around since they were a kid it’s easier for them to get back into video games as opposed to a senior citizen who did not grow up with them.

Another reason is stress. With the economic depression and many other stresses that arise with growing older, many adults, particularly men,  are turning to video games as a way to relax after a stressful day at work or with the kids. Instead of turning to drinking or some other unhealthy outlet more adults are turning to Halo and World of Warcraft at the end of the day after putting the kids to bed.

Third, it’s gives them a way to connect with their kids, if they have them. One third of all adult gamers are married with children. Parents are always going on about how they can’t find ways to connect with their kids and as more and more kids are getting into video games, parents are using it to connect. This is especially evident with the Wii, which is marketed as a family console, offering the fewest M rated games and boasting the highest amount E rated games.

Lastly they play because they have fun. No matter what age, everyone still wants to have fun in some way or another.

I think that as our generation whom 91% call themselves gamers becomes parents and adults this number of adult gamers will be even higher than this generation. Well until next week, happy gaming readers!

This week I’m playing: Pokemon HeartGold(Nintendo DS) and Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind(PC)


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