April 16, 2010

Lenseflares: the Use of

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Lens flares, like the Dodge and Burn tools, are often misused and therefore represented as a sign of inexperience within photoshop. Though, like the other render filters, lens flare is a cool, well programmed tool, it really should only be used for certain things.

For example, not for this:
Seriously, don't.No, really, stop that.

(Picture courtesy of deviantArt)

The lens flare tool has pretty specific uses. For example, filling in and representing an actual lens flare.

Lens flares are effects, usually unintentional, that occur when photographing a bright light, such as the sun.

I admit, it’s pretty dang shiny. It can be used to add a dramatic lighting effect to photographs. There’s the tick, though. When it comes to 2D drawn images, or low lighting photographs? Lens flares are not helpful to either, especially the former. They will make your picture look flatter, not to mention silly.

If your high detail drawing, however, contains a bright sun like in the photo above, it might be good for a lens flare. Just make sure the lighting in the rest of the piece is appropriate.

(You’re Doing It Right)

Otherwise, please, people. Just leave that tool alone.

Emily Pich


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