April 27, 2010

GoodPhil 2010

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So this video is a bit late but during the end of Spring Break UTD’s FSA participated in an event called GoodPhil which is huge event where Filipino Student Associations from UH, UTA, UT, UTSA, A&M, and A&M Corpus Cristi come together an compete with one another. Some of the competition includes Basketball, volleyball, soccer or football, but the main competition begins with an intense performance from each school that performs a cultural, spiritual, and modern dance.

Although UTD has been one of the underdogs in the event, I believe that we put ourselves in the map this year with our stunning performance. Even though Spring Break consist of numerous practices and even all-nighters, our work has finally paid off since other schools were shocked that we had such an outstanding and unexpecting piece. However we felt a very devastating blow when they didn’t placed us in the top three. But one of choreographers told us that we had a chance at second or third place if we didn’t include  the piece at 3:47 since the judges recognized the same piece from another crew. Honestly we had no idea it was already used but it was an innocent mistake and will be sure to check twice before putting it in our performance.

All in all knowing that we could have placed instill great confidence within our group and hopefully we will concoct a mind-blowing masterpiece for GoodPhil 2011. So watch out first place winner U of H, we might take your spot next year. :]

ENJOY THE VIDEO and you can try to spot me but I doubt you will.
(hint I’m wearing a hat and most of the time I’m on the far right side)


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