April 27, 2010

Shifting Fingers One Key to the Right for easy password

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So you know how important it is to have a good and strong password, since it’s the medium that keeps you and only you from accessing important information and data. However having a weak password will allow potential havoc bringers to share these information and use it with ill intention.

Websites encourage users to include number, characters and long words to enable a strong password strength. Passwords like “theredcarrunsrun” is a great example but eventually hackers can still get a hold of the encryption. Passwords like “password” surprisingly is the most common password everyone uses and is the easiest to encrypt so please don’t get lazy and use one worded passwords. However passwords like “4ks2cobrazz4” is the ideal password and is nearly impossible to encrypt. But memorizing such a tedious letters and numbers is impractical, heck you’ll probably forget it after creating it unless written down.

But there is an easy way to have a strong password yet is very simple. Just shift your fingers one key to the right and type how you would normally type. This method is effortless and makes passwords looks like gibberish without memorizing complex letters and numbers.

For instance:
the word password would turn into “[sddeptf”
as easy as pie! here are some more examples.
firetruck -> gotrytivl
dragonball => ftshpmns;;

these passwords may not be perfect as secure password generator but it sure beats a lot of people’s go-to password.


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