May 2, 2010


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Fellow readers meet dropbox, dropbox meet fellow Rhet 1302 students. So I have been using this storage provider throughout my freshman year and man, Dropbox has been quite the life and time saver.

This file hosting site is user-friendly and  is very convenient in backing up your valuable files like homework assignments and opening it anywhere you want. Signing up is relatively quick and the site is even nice enough to give you 2 gb free.  And the best thing about this file hosting provider is that it, once register, a folder is added into your desktop and it can automatically syncs the file you dragged in there to their servers.
And lets say you made a mistake a accidently deleted your file, well dropbox has a backup server that can revert that mistake and add that file back into your folders. Dropbox’s server will never fail on you, unlike the traditional USB flash drive where there is a potential risk of losing your data physically or internally.

So why should you get Dropbox? Because it’s like a virtual USB drive where you don’t actually have to carry it around. You can access all the files in your folder on any computer that has internet connection. Plus if you want to share an information to someone else, you could easily email them an uploaded link.

However the computer you are using to access that file must have internet connection, but the files saved on your Dropbox desktop folder doesn’t need internet connection to access them, only if you need it to synchronized to one of their servers. And 2gb is given free which is good, but if you need more space you must pay a monthly fee.

So give Dropbox a try and enjoy!


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