May 3, 2010

Eating Disorders

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In a study done by the University of Montreal 10%-15% of women may have an eating disorder. In an article by Science Daily “Some 1,501 women took part in the phone survey on eating disorders and disordered eating. Not one participant was classified as anorexic.” Even though not one of these people was anorexic they still had some type of disorder such as binge eating. about 13.7% of these women reported that they have binge eaten on several occasion and 2.7% said they have at one point thrown up to lose some weight for an event. This seems horrible because the extreme measures to lose weight aren’t necessary. Women may see themselves as unhealthy because of the affects of society on todays women.


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  1. I work in an heath improvement service thats related to treating obesity, and it has been clear that a significant proportion of people coming for help (mainly women but men aswell)have disordered eating patterns combined with emotional or psychological difficulties that go beyond simply eating too much and doing too little. Binge Eating Disorder seems to be getting more serious attention lately due to its proposed inclusion in the DSMV, and taking into account the risk of over-diagnosing/over-medicalising, that should still be a good thing. Until we live in a society that stops placing undue value on slimness while at the same time creating the conditions where obesity is hard to avoid, I fear problems such as BED will continue to increase!

    Comment by Matt C — May 3, 2010 @ 4:53 pm | Reply

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